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How it all started

Who would have known, when I've launched my YouTube channel two years ago L’Heure de se réveiller (Time To Wake Up in english), that I'd have to justify for my investigation on sex-cult NXIVM before a judge ?

Stay alert, I'm going to tell you why I am being chased today by (among others) an heiress of the Seagram empire, Sara Bronfman and her husband Basit Igtet, but also give you the opportunity to join me on this to reveal the truth.

In order to be as honest as I've been in my NXIVM video investigation about their activities (sex trafficking, child pornography, forced labour...), I'll use my quotation right by citing official press reports and will also call proofs (US Government court files, etc.) so anyone can come to their own conclusion.

Summary of NXIVM on french TV. Click here to watch NY prosecutor press conference in english.

It all started on september 2019, when I first heard that american prosecutors revealed that NXIVM, chaired by child criminal guru Keith Raniere was linked to dozens of "multicultural" schools for children, around the world. These schools named Rainbow Cultural Garden [RCG] were following Raniere's bizarre teachings and were offering visas to their employees / disciples.

Some of these visa applicants sought and obtained visas as “research analysts” for a Bronfman-owned company, but in fact were employed as “multi-cultural development specialists”—or caretakers of children—by a separate Nxivm-affiliated entity, Rainbow Cultural Garden, LLC.

United States District Court Eastern District of New York, March 13th 2019.
PDF Documentpage numbered 26.

US government since close most of these schools. But...

A childhood education program created by convicted NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere is still operating in France, Guatemala and the United Kingdom.

Daily Caller, Andrew Kerr and Brad Sylvester. 08/04/2019

Rainbow Cultural Garden’s CEO is listed on their website as senior Nxivm member Sara Bronfman, the millionaire heiress and stepdaughter of actor Nigel Havers. She did not respond to requests for comment.

The Sun, Ellie Cambridge. december 4th 2017

Those who follow my work know that these last two years spent sharing my videos and my thoughts gradually led me to become a citizen journalist, mostly of investigation. When one wants to share information, one must make sure that those said informations are complete, including the historical background, the context, the veracity and the sources of these informations (if it does not go under the fundamental right of journalistic sources protection), so that anybody can build their own opinion. That's, at least, the meticulous work that I've made on that american cult so we can blow the whistle using this video which is precisely a combination of context, proofs and testimonies. Facts never give room to interpretation.

RCG [Ed: Rainbow Cultural Garden] lives on in France through a company called Athal Education Group, which Sara Bronfman-Igtet and her husband, Basit Igtet, founded and financed, the French news outlet Le Dauphiné in December 2018

Bronfman-Igtet is an heir to the Seagram liquor fortune. Her sister, Clare Bronfman, pleaded guilty in April to charges related to her role in NXIVM. Trusts and bank accounts the the Bronfman sisters controlled bankrolled Raniere to the tune of $150 million from 2004 through 2010, reported Vanity Fair.

Daily Caller, Andrew Kerr and Brad Sylvester. 08/04/2019

The Daily Caller and Frank Parlato (former NXIVM member turned whistleblower and investigative journalist) tried to warn us. In vain, no french media echoed their informations, Daily Caller has just not received any reply from french public services when these latters heard about the school inauguration by Sara Bronfman-Igtet and her husband Basit Igtet in the french city of Apt.

Feel free to read by yourself the Mass Class Action Suit (PDF) filed on January 29th 2020 by 80 victims of NXIVM sex cult. The name of Sara Bronfman appears 30 times, as for the first occurrence figures from page 1 in the list of defendants' names.

Sued for defamation

Knowing my file, I have not been surprised to see a bailiff knocking on my door this friday, April 3rd 2020 around 3:30pm, bringing a subpoena (classified as URGENT), ordering me to explain myself about those facts that I've exposed in my reporting, before a judge on monday April 6th 2020, at 430 miles from my home... during the confinement... In short, at that moment, I see myself disposing of 48h to prepare my defense against a subpoena that looks like a big ream of 664 pages.

48h to prepare my defense before the judge.

No preliminary contact on my social networks asking me to remove the video. No... instead, I have 48h to prepare my defense before the judge. This is what I call an attempt to intimidate me so I just shut up.

Thanks to the intervention of one of my lawyers, the subpoena has been declared null and reported to may 4th 2020. The verdict has been pronounced on may 11th: Guilty of defamation. The link between Sara Bronfman and NXIVM couldn't be made...

Convicted to

  • Pay the amount of 8000€ to Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Basit Igtet, Athal Education Group, Athal Hospitality.
  • Pay 1500€ on the basis of article 700 of civil prosecution code (you loose, you pay for the trial)
  • But also pay for the bailiff's reports (around 3 to €4000.00)
    TOTAL: ~14000€
  • Ordred to communicate on my social networks and a local paper the fact that my video reporting has been judged as defamatory, Sara Bronfman's link to NXIVM couldn't be found by the judge.

Beyond the money issue, we are talking about a smear campaign they're operating on me. To this day, I keep following my two lawyers advices, because I want to assert that our freedom of speech must in no circumstances be revoked, in any way. I'm sure those of you who speak french will get what François Sureau is saying here about that matter (subtitles to come):

François Sureau: “Freedom has already disappeared.”

This is also for the rights of journalists, may they be citizens or professionals that I'm here today, facing Bronfman. We, at the digital era, have more than ever the opportunity to serve this duty by claiming our will to never shut up and keep informing people. There's only two options: freedom of speech or dictatorship. But I still have faith in justice, may it use common sense.

Your help

In this process, I've already received moral support from Frank Parlato, the Daily Caller redaction, from NXIVM victims with whom I have regular contacts, but also from my french supporters in the journalists circle, citizens, professionals and students for the youngest, who follow my work and honour it with their encouragement.

You've been a lot to ask how you could help me with this. Some suggested that I set up a fundraiser, so that I won't meet bankruptcy and you can join me (citizens, whistleblowers, journalists) on this battle against the Bronfman-Igtets. Because if I can't exercise my freedom of speech today, will you in the future?

We're at a critical step for our liberty, I am paying the cost of it and humbly come at you, to let you know that I need your help in these difficult times. Even though their harrassment won't intimidate me, I must recognize that their fortune won't make my modest situation easy.

With already a slate of 3500,00€ paying for the first part of this trial along with my two lawyers Sandrine Pégand and Arash Derambarsh and following my May 4th conviction, I've decided to appeal so I can be heard again on the facts but also on the complaint that I filed against Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Basit Igtet, their two companies Athal Education Group and Athal Hospitality as well as their CEO Stefan Fraenkel for harrassment. These are the fees that I have to pay for a defense, worthy of the name. I will end this article with a quote that my lawyers invoked during my trial:

A free press is the cornerstone upon which all other liberties rest. It is the essential pivot of Democracy... With no free press, who will have an eye on the government ? And with no free press to inform, how can the citizen build a wise political judgement ?

Mr Louis D. Boccardi, Former Associated Press CEO

My friends, the wind starts to blow and here is the opportunity to fight together.

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  1. Bonjour et bien que n’ayant que peu de moyens pour vous aider dans votre démarche car supportant déjà certaines choses, je vous souhaite le meilleur et par mon témoignage vous assure du bien fondé de votre investissement. Gardez courage

  2. J’ai la rage de cette vie pourquoi les justes toujours subir dans ce bas monde. Je ne suis qun étudiant. Jvais essayer de te passer 5 ou 10 balle pour ta défense mais sérieux… T’es en guerre contre l’ennemi et pas une association ne taides ? Ou un homme avec de l’influence (bourge) qui peu t’aider ? Jspr que tout sa ne finira pas mal pour toi… Fait attention à toi

  3. Bonjour je ferais une petite donation ,j’ai pas de travaille donc pas de salaire,mais je tiens à donner un peux .
    ,lors de votre prochain procès de appel donc ,je sais que vous voulez garder le anonymat ,mais réfléchi a possibilité de nous donner la chance de aller vous soutenir devant le tribunal 🙂plus on est plus force on a,ils ont l’argent nous on a la solidarité la humanité amitié et amour tout se que ils ont pas …..

  4. Tout notre soutient de la part de la communauté yt. Que chacun fasse dans la mesure de ses possibilités pécuniaire pour votre combat en ” justice”.
    La vérité est constante elle n’a aucun projet que celui d’être.
    Force à toi.

  5. Cette justice des riches ne s’adresse qu’aux riches. Comprenez bien qu’ils attaquent votre entité juridique ou personne juridique écrit en TOUT MAJUSCULE. Les êtres humains disposent de droits fondamentaux inaliénables et imprescriptibles qui ne peuvent être jugés que par des tribunaux de jure sous la loi commune et non des tribunaux de facto sous la loi maritime. Faîtes vos recherches sur la fraude du nom légal… Ceci est ma contribution 😊

  6. Courage Monsieur,
    Le Bien l’emportera,
    J’en suis sure maintenant,
    Avec le Grand RÉVEIL.

    J’ai contribué, et je vais partager dans mes groupes.


  7. SOUTIEN INCONDITIONNEL ! pour que la verité eclate et que la liberté d’investigation revienne dans notre pays ! puisses tu te sortir de ces emprises avec la justice qui est manifestement de collusion avec les bourreaux dénoncés.

  8. De tout cœur avec vous dans ce combat, je participe à votre soutien et je resterai coûte que coûte à vos coté pour faire éclater la vérité. Nous ne les laisserons pas passer et on viendra te relever si tu tombes, nous, on as la force du nombre 🤝✨💓

  9. Tu peux faire une notification non négociable au juge sur tes droits inaliénables (liberté d’expression) bafoués même a la CEDH ON LE qu’il prouve qu’il a une autorité sur toi. Et quel contrat te lié au trib qui a un num Siret et est donc soumis à la loi des contrats. Pas de contrat donc demande 500000 €. Pour l’auditionner. J’accepte de me déplacer pour autant..
    Prouvez moi qu’il existe de l’argent indexé.Et que je suis bien une personne.
    Voir pdf maître fortabat labatut 12 preuves qu’il n’y a plus rien de legal ds la République française.
    A leur envoyer intégralement.
    Et ton barème de paiement en cas de transgression..
    La pseudo France n’existe plus et est passible de crime contre l’humanité, de haute trahison, de dictature de mise en esclavage. Elle s’est mise en état d’urgence depuis Charlie donc elle viole nos droits d’êtres humains intégralement depuis même bien avant.donc aucune légitimité à priver de liberté l’être humain que tu es.
    De plus avec les preuves que tu as tu peux en faire un dossier complet en demandant de réfuter sous huitaine.
    Pas un jour de plus. De cette façon pas besoin d’avocats qui sont des pions du système. Tu te libérés totlut seul. Envoyer copie à la CPI. ET JUGE DES SIEGES. Ça leur plaît pas trop en général. Après pense à te protéger..
    Tu pe débuter par : je constate que la corruption est généralisée sur le territoire occupé nommé France. Je conserve et recouvre l’intégralité de mes droits fondamentaux et n’en abandonnent aucun. Plus de séparation des pouvoirs = plus de constitution.
    Pas de contrat avec vous num Siret = pas de chocolat.
    Voici les preuves..
    Si non réfutées vous reconnaissez que (liste)…
    En cas de transgression j’appliquerai mon cédule A..
    Tous droits réservés sans préjudices.

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